The Witcher Author Sold Game Rights to CD Projekt RED for $9,500

A rumor recently surfaced online that The Witcher author, Andrzej Sapkowski, sold the games’ license to the now-defunct Metropolis Software for just $4,000. For those who don’t know, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter dev Adrian Chmielarz headed Metropolis, whose Witcher game never saw the light of day.

While Chmielarz denied this, his Facebook post debunking the rumor led to an interesting revelation (translations via NeoGAF): Sapkowski sold Witcher‘s license to CD Projekt RED for 35,000PLN, which was paid in two installments – 15,000PLN and 20,000PLN. According to NeoGAF user boskee, this translates to $9,500 in today’s terms.

This tidbit of info was revealed via a comment left on Chmielarz’s Facebook post by former CD Projekt RED boss, Sebastian Zieliński, who also noted that he still has a copy of the first draft of the contract in his possession. We’re told that Sapkowski rejected the initial draft because Geralt’s name was misspelled as Gerald.

Although the comment was originally left last week when the Metropolis rumor surfaced, it was only just picked up by Polish websites. You can find the original links below.

[Source: Bankier (PL), Adrian Chmielarz & Sebastian Zieliński (Facebook) via NeoGAF]