Digital Foundry: Tekken 7 PS4 and PS4 Pro Multiplayer Presentations Are Identical, Gameplay Is “Solid”

Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 recently underwent the Digital Foundry treatment, the results of which are now available for your viewing pleasure above.

As expected, the PC version triumphs in terms of the overall package, but between Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, PlayStation 4 has the clear lead. The outlet notes that although the PS4 Pro version comes with improved effects, upgraded texture filtering, and improved lighting among other enhancements, its online performance is identical to that of the base PS4 version’s.

“Curiously, when we switch to an online match, capturing both PS4 and Pro in the same game, the enhancements disappear – you get exactly the same presentation,” reads the analysis.

Digital Foundry says that there are some “glaring cutbacks” in the Xbox One version but overall, Tekken 7‘s gameplay experience is “solid” on all platforms.

You can watch the full analysis in the video or follow the link below for a detailed write-up.

[Source: Eurogamer]