This Is What Project Rap Rabbit’s Gameplay Will Look Like

Despite being a dream collaboration for many rhythm game fans, Project Rap Rabbit hasn’t had a stellar showing on Kickstarter so far. At time of writing, the new game from NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J has only raised $177,000 of its $1,000,000+ goal. With only 10 days left to go, things aren’t looking great for the crowdfunding effort, but the developers behind Elite Beat Agents and PaRappa the Rapper are trying to change that.

One of the issues that many had with the Kickstarter was the lack of gameplay footage, and NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J are looking to clear that up by releasing a new prototype mock-up. The video mimics how gameplay will go in Project Rap Rabbit, and should be representative of the core gameplay loop. In the minute-long clip, a short cutscene before the actual rapping gameplay occurs.

Check out the video below:

Since this is far from final gameplay, the team also released a set of notes about the video:

  • This scene is based on a prototype scenario
  • The lyrics and rapping are done by Keiichi – he is not a rapper, he is a game developer
  • The music is WIP and actual songs will be longer with multiple turns
  • The background graphics are comps, the final product will feature full 3D backgrounds and characters with rich animations

Does this video make you any more likely to contribute to the Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter, or is it too little too late for the rhythm game to succeed via crowdfunding?

(Source: Project Rap Rabbit)