PlayStation US Boss Says Sony Won’t Follow Path of Smartphones, PlayStation 5 Will Exist

German outlet recently spoke to Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden, and got the influential gaming figure to discuss the future of console gaming. This has been a hot topic issue as of late, as gamers have feared that the release of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro signals an iterative future for console gaming, such as how smartphones release on a yearly basis. Layden doesn’t believe that’ll be the case.

Layden adamantly stated that PS4 Pro exclusive games “will never happen,” and said that a PlayStation 5 is the next step forward for the company, although it “will probably be some time” until it does. This has largely been the company’s line since revealing the PS4 Pro, as Mark Cerny previously talked about  in an interview with Gamasutra. “I believe in generations,” said Cerny. “Generations are a good thing. So, philosophically, we believe in them. We believe they continue, and [the PS4 Pro] is a mid-generation release.”

This wasn’t the only major topic to get brought up during the interview, as Layden also discussed how different the gaming market is today as opposed to in the past. “We can now publish the really high quality titles almost at any time,” said Layden explaining that big releases are no longer a holiday-only affair. “Horizon Zero Dawn, for example, was released in February and [was] very successful. Batman Arkham Knight came out a few years ago right after E3, and the demand [was incredible].”

The interview features plenty of other fascinating quotes from Layden, so make sure to check out the full interview.


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