Action RPG Happy Dungeons Coming to PS4 This September, Open Beta Underway

Toylogic Inc. has announced that it’s bringing its free-to-play action RPG, Happy Dungeons, to PlayStation 4 early September this year. To give players a chance to get their hands on the game prior to its launch, the developer has kicked off an open beta, which ends on Monday, July 24. Head over here to try it out.

An official description of the title is as follows:

Tear your way through a variety of dungeons with up to four friends in Happy Dungeons, the cooperative action RPG stuffed with multiplayer fun! Grab a controller and enjoy the witty, charming story that’s never short of surprises, all set within a bizarre world overflowing with comical characters!

Vibrant graphics combine with high-speed, stomach-churning action to give you an experience like nothing else! Customize your character to your heart’s content with a selection of over 1500 items so you can go nuts in your own unique way!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you join forces with your friends and family to take out an assortment of dastardly villains and form your own party of little lunatics!

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced. In the meantime, you can check out a trailer above or try out the beta.