Sony’s Focus With PlayStation VR Right Now Is Getting “Some Really Good Games Out”

In addition to discussing God of War at GameStop Expo 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s Asad Qizilbash also touched on PlayStation VR.

Asked if everything’s okay with PSVR, Qizilbash replied:

We are super-focused on it. We’re doubling down even this holiday. 

Where we are right now, we’ve sold everything we had on the shelf. We’ve sold over a million of these things. The focus now is, let’s get some really good games out. More games out. There’s over a hundred games out there already. There’s a hundred in development. But we’re also starting to get some of our big brands out. Gran Turismo, that’s going to have a VR component. We’ve got Skyrim in VR as well. So we’re getting some of these big guns coming out there.

We’ve also got some of our own new IP. Supermassive are doing some cool VR games as well.

Qizilbash then talked about some of Supermassive’s games, including The Inpatient and Bravo Team, and mentioned that Farpoint “did phenomenally.” He also reiterated that they’re doubling down on VR going forward, and they’re focused on bringing more games to this platform that has a future.

Asked if there’s any titles he’d consider AAA in development for PSVR, Qizilbash replied, “Absolutely.”

Sony revealed earlier today that the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle is dropping in price on September 1, and there will be a new core bundle with the PlayStation Camera on the same day.

[Source: Twitch (5:53:00) via DualShockers]