Latest ECHO Trailer Shows That the Enemy Is Yourself

One of September’s most exciting titles looks to be ECHO, a sci-fi adventure title by Ultra Ultra. The game revolves around players having to outsmart themselves as the mysterious ship they’re on creates clones of the protagonist En. This is shown off in the new trailer that showcases the game’s voice talent, which includes Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) as En, and Nick Boulton (Mass Effect & Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice), who will voice the ship named London.

Check out the exciting new trailer below:

For even more on Ultra Ultra’s upcoming debut title, check out our ECHO preview. Here’s a snippet of what Louis Edwards had to say:

Before jumping into the gameplay, Martin said that what I would see was a couple hours into the story and is the action/strategy based portion of the game. The first part of the game, which I didn’t see but am looking forward too, is presented in an exploration style game. Martin explained that they wanted to create a relationship between the player and the protagonist so that the player would feel more invested in that character and the Palace itself.

Watching Martin play through the game revealed how every gameplay experience was unique to that player, as the Palace AI would replicate his moves and patterns exactly. It’s almost unsettling to see a perfectly duplicated character doing exactly what you did just moments ago. I found myself trying to take mental notes of his every move so as to know where the bad guys would be located after the next blackout. Even the take-downs are learned by the AI, so going stealthily through an area and utilizing a sneaky take-down just means the AI will be doing that to you the first chance it gets.

ECHO releases September 19 for PC, with the PlayStation 4 set to release shortly afterwards.