Bungie Will Talk About Destiny 2 Seasons at TwitchCon

One of the more mysterious aspects of Destiny 2 is seasons. In most other multiplayer shooters, such as Overwatch, this refers to a specific time frame after which leaderboards are reset and a fresh start is granted to everyone. Seasons have been referenced in regards to clan rewards, but players have often asked the question, “What exactly are Destiny 2 seasons?”

In Bungie’s weekly blog post, the revealed that they will be talking about Destiny 2 seasons in a panel at TwitchCon, hinting that seasons are about more than just resetting clan rewards and progress.

Panel Discussion: The Seasons of Destiny.

Friday, October 20, 4:30PM Pacific

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What do Seasons mean in Destiny 2?

What will change from season to season?

How many seasons can we expect?

When does Season Two begin?

The session will be streamed (I mean, of course it will be streamed, it’s TwitchCon), so everyone can tune in and see what we have planned to keep the Destiny community engaged.

We’ll have the live stream available on that day so you can see what Destiny 2 seasons are all about. If you’re still on the fence about Destiny 2, our review calls it the best that Destiny has ever been.

As I geared up for Destiny 2, I was ready to acknowledge that I’d already done this for three years. I thought my interest would begin to wane much more quickly than the first. I was wrong. Destiny 2 hooked me and hasn’t let go. That sense of delight and surprise that Bungie aimed for with the sequel has hit me fully, with a variety of activities to do, worlds to explore, and loot to earn. After 1300 hours of experience with Destiny, it’s difficult to imagine how grand the sequel might feel for a brand new player. As a returning Guardian, Crucible master Lord Shaxx has found the best words to describe my experience with Destiny 2 and its many improvements over the first: “This is amazing!!”

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[Source: Bungie]