New Dragon Ball FighterZ Support Characters Detailed

Dragon Ball FighterZ might not be out until next year, but that isn’t stopping early praise from leaking out. The game has already been heralded as being extremely faithful to the source material, and a recent Game Informer article proved just how true that is.

Thanks to the closed beta of the game that took place, tons of footage has been released, and with it we can see just how much care was put into the little moments throughout the game.

For instance, when playing as Android 18 and completing her three-meter Meteor attack, the animation will change depending on whether or not Krillin – her husband – is in your party. If he’s not around, Android 17, her brother, shows up to help.

Fans of the film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F will remember Goku’s close-range punch on Frieza, and will be pleased to know you can accomplish that feat in FighterZ as well. In the game, the one-inch punch functions as a command grab, with Goku pointing at his opponent before delivering a fierce blow to them.

While not always the case, fan favorite Krillin is usually the go to character when it comes to delivering Sensu Beans to the heroes. This is the case in FighterZ as well, as Krillin will jump in and toss a bean to you as an assist option.

There’s some more nifty throwbacks and deep cuts that fans can find within the game when it releases, and Game Informer has also listed a couple of more that we didn’t cover, so make sure to check out their list for the full breakdown.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is slated to launch February 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Game Informer]