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Tekken Producer Says Many Players Aren’t Using Tutorial Modes in Fighting Games

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has said that mainstream fighting titles are resorting to the most basic tutorials because internal data reveals that many people aren’t really playing tutorial modes. Speaking to PCGamesN, he said that Tekken 7‘s story mode was meant to ease players into the game.

We can tell with most of our games which modes players are spending time in. We have that data in our company. You hear a lot of people say this game is great because it has a tutorial but when we look at the data, not many people play these tutorial modes. This is the same when you buy something new, you take it home and you don’t read the manual. It’s a positive for your product if you can say you have a tutorial but when you take a closer look you notice that people aren’t really playing it.

With reference to Tekken 7‘s story mode, Harada said that players naturally end up learning new moves with simplified commands. They can then practice and learn how to execute those moves using normal commands.

As you’re playing through the story mode, you naturally learn things like, ‘oh, this can be side stepped’ or ‘this character has this powerful special move if I learn how to use it properly.’ In the story mode, you can perform these with a simplified command so once you know about it, you can practice to perform this with the normal command.

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[Source: PCGamesN]