Infinite Shadow Wars Coming to Shadow of War With First DLC

During a recent live stream for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Monolith revealed that the first DLC for the game will arrive with Infinite Shadow Wars as well.

For those unaware, Shadow Wars are the end game content found within Shadow of War. Once the game is finished, each of your fortresses come under attack from one Orc tribe or another. Players then have to fight back the tribes in order to keep their base from falling into enemy hands.

Since the game’s launch, fans have been requesting the addition of Infinite Shadow Wars, and it seems that Monolith is listening. The upcoming Slaughter Tribe DLC will cost money, but the inclusion of infinite Shadow Wars will be a free update for players.

For more on Middle-earth: Shadow of War, make sure to check out our review on the game:

I did run into some minor performance issues, most often when using photo mode laden with heavy effects processing, but the game runs very smoothly otherwise. There are a couple of problems that have nagged games with this type of movement, like getting stuck briefly on objects or jumping to the wrong ledge, but often that was due to my own rushing and haphazardly approaching obstacles instead of being direct about where I wanted to go. There will be a day one patch to address a number of rare issues that can crop up, and our testing was done with the latest patch installed.

An expanded Nemesis System creates fascinatingly interesting player stories, and the amount of freedom afforded to the player is staggering for a game of this scope. Microtransactions never get in the way of the game itself, so any objection to them is based purely on personal principles. Lore purists may find fault with Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but those willing to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the game Monolith built around Tolkien’s world will find the best Lord of the Rings game to date. With the immortal words of Samwise Gamgee at my lips, I smile and walk into Mordor, returning to the Gondorian boots of the Gravewalker: “Well, I’m back.”

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now.

[Source: Eurogamer]