Battlefield 1 Update 1.16 Brings a Number of Changes

Battlefield 1 update 1.16 is set to release soon, and Electronic Arts have released the patch notes. They reveal that the update will add in the Mosin-Nagant M91 as the “standard issue rifle for the Russian and Bolshevik factions in Custom Games,” and many other gameplay tweaks. You can view all of the changes by reading the Battlefield 1 update 1.16 patch notes.

Check out the Battlefield 1 update 1.16 patch notes below:

  • Added the Mosin-Nagant M91 as the standard issue rifle for the Russian and Bolshevik factions in Custom Games.
  • Fixed issue with supply drops landing on Galicia bridge negatively affecting players.
  • Removed flamethrower kit from Argonne Forest in the TDM game mode.
  • Fixed not being able to exit FK 96 if the exit is blocked.
  • Suez Frontlines – Tweaked the capture areas, moved the B and D flags to better locations.
  • Fixed 08/18 SMG bullet visibility when dropped by a dead soldier.
  • Fixed the weapons/gadgets button bindings inventory HUD to no longer show the icon of the previously bound button if the currently bound button doesn’t have an icon.
  • When deploying on a squadmate mid-death during camera transition, the deploy will now be canceled and the player will return to deploy screen.
  • The gasmask will now automatically activate when deploying directly into gas.
  • The parachute will automatically activate when deploying in the air.
  • All 5 weekly medals will now gain progress even when it is not being tracked by the user. Previously only the tracked medal selected by the user could gain progress. Selecting a medal to track in the UI will now just update which medal is shown for the progress UI.
  • Potential fix where some players found themselves stuck on the globe screen.
  • Selected Specializations HUD disabled in Single Player and Hardcode game mode
  • The Scout class can now place two tripwire projectiles of each type: Gas, Incendiary, HE.
  • The Coastal Gun turret (In the Name of the Tsar) now properly uses the Soldier/Gunner button mappings (both preset and custom)
  • On the Gamepad Control Schemes options screen, the controller preset mappings picture now shows if there are more than two actions mapped per button
  • Improved through the gun experience with less camera shake and better visibility when being hit.
  • Reduced P54 audio quality issues in large game modes.
  • Removed duplicate AT Grenade icon from Elite Class Weapons & Gadgets
  • Fixed an issue where throwing certain gadgets onto vehicles could result in uncharacteristically large impact sounds.
  • Fixed cavalry spawn on Brusilov Keep and Galicia
  • Fixed issue with not being allowed to deploy as a German soldier with the default stick grenade in pre-round.
  • Fixed supply drop icon rendEng multiple times on Table Top view in Spectator mode.
  • Removed large bright smoke from semi-auto rifle muzzle flashes, toned down Chauchat muzzle smoke and Ribeyrolles muzzle flash.
  • Fix for seeing a frame of the globe when transitioning from an Operation.
  • Fixed issue where Mother VO is cutoff during transition to 2nd Red ride Operations map.
  • Fixed a bug in pre-round where players couldn’t spawn with various weapons and vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when riding a horse where the ammo count UI would not show the correct information depending on the weapon being used.
  • Fixed a visual alignment issue in the network graph.
  • Fixed V-Sync refresh rate reset bug that occurred when the game is launched or when the user alt-tabs out and into the game.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes spawn with an incomplete loadout.
  • Fixed the issue where players could activate the speed boost in airplanes without having the ability unlocked. Please note that these patch notes are work in progress and will change.

Battlefield 1 update 1.16 will become available soon.

[Source: Sihmar]