Dynasty Warriors 9 New Character Xin Xianying Announced

Koei Tecmo has posted a new information batch for their most anticipated new game Dynasty Warriors 9 through the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine, finally introducing a new female character into the series in Xin Xianying.

In the Chinese Three Kingdoms era, Xin Xianying was known as a very smart lady who gave wise advice to many of her relatives. She is the daughter of Xin Pi, a Wei official who formerly served under Yuan Shao. Some of her famous pieces of advice were told in the later periods of the era. For example, when Sima Yi launched a coup d’etat against Cao Shuang, she advised her younger brother Xin Chang, who was serving the latter, to stay close to his liege until the very end. Thanks to his sister’s advice, Xin Chang was spared by Sima Yi for being “a righteous person who serves his master faithfully.”

Xin Xianying was also noted for advising her nephew Yang Hu to stay away from Zhong Hui because she saw the latter to be too ambitious. And true enough, Zhong Hui would later stage a rebellion which was then put down quickly. By faithfully serving the Sima family, Yang Hu would eventually rose up to become a famed general in Sima Yan’s Jin Kingdom.

Dynasty Warriors Blast - Xin Xianying

Image from mobile game Dynasty Warriors Blast

Although Xin Xianying made her first appearance in Dynasty Warriors series through the now-defunct mobile game Dynasty Warriors Blast, where she was more appropriately categorized as a Jin Kingdom character, Famitsu magazine seems to imply that she will be assigned to the Wei Kingdom instead in Dynasty Warriors 9. It also seems like Xin Xianying will get to wield a Pike as her weapon, which would be the same weapon type given to Huang Yueying, who could be considered as her counterpart in the Shu Kingdom.

Other than Xin Xianying, the official Famitsu preview scan also shows new designs for returning characters Taishi Ci and Xu Huang. The article is also teasing more new designs for Pang Tong, Liu Shan, and Chen Gong in the same batch. Dynasty Warriors 9 has been announced to be released in Japan on February 8 for the PlayStation 4. The Western release, which will also include Xbox One and Steam versions, still only have a release timeframe of Early 2018 as of this writing.

[Source: Famitsu]