Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Reveals Mysterious New Character

It looks like someone wasn’t expecting some hawk-eyed gamers to catch this! A new French trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ accidentally shows off a new character in a split-second frame. You can’t quite make out who the character might be in the trailer, but it seems we don’t know the entire roster of the Arc System fighter yet!

If you want to try and spot the new Dragon Ball FighterZ character, here’s the French trailer to watch:

Did you seem them? Don’t feel bad if you missed it. Shoryuken states that at 1:41 in the video, Goku is shooting a Kamehameha at another character. If you freeze the video at just the right point, you’ll see this:

dragon ball fighterz new character

The new character appears to be female, and sporting baggier pants, which sort of look similar to Buu’s pants.

So who is this new character? No one is sure yet. The easiest guess is Caulifla, the new female Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Super, but while she does have baggy pants, these seem lighter in color than Caulifla’s in the anime. It could always be an alternate color palette, though!

Or, this could very well be a brand new character. After all, Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t afraid to add some new characters to the Dragon Ball universe, with the brand new Android 21:

She is a mysterious scientist and well known for having the same knowledge as the person who have created the Androids: Dr. Gero.  Her story is quite vague but she is connected to Android 16.  What’s her story?

Who do you think this mysterious character might be?

[Source: Shoryuken]