Wet Weather Conditions Coming to More Gran Turismo Sport Tracks

December 29, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Gran Turismo sport rain

Gran Turismo: Sport has been out for a couple of months now, and PolyPhony Digital is still making sure to update the title for fans. Now, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that developers are currently working on adding wet weather conditions to previously released tracks in the game.

The revelation, which came during a recent interview with GT Planet, comes after a large amount of the fanbase wondered why no wet conditions were in the game previously. Aside from the Northern Isle Speedway, rain is nowhere to be found in the racing game. Yamauchi acknowledge that and said that all of the Gran Turismo: Sport cars were built to be compatible with rainy conditions and have functional windshield wipers, so the update shouldn’t hamper the cars in any way.

While fans will undoubtedly enjoy the update, Yamauchi said that not every single track will be getting a rain variant. “[Weather] probably won’t be on all of the tracks. For example, you don’t need weather conditions at Willow Springs.” No release information was given as to when fans can expect the tracks to be changed, but it is nice to see that the studio is working on it after the public outcry.

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One’s enjoyment of Gran Turismo Sport will solely be determined by whether the prospect of learning different tracks and competing in three different online races per day is exciting to them. If you can’t get into that gameplay loop then you’ll want to play something else, as the single-player content is extremely limited, and even the online offerings aren’t rich with features. GT Sport does a few things exceptionally well (you won’t find a better looking and playing racing game), but it ultimately left me wanting more content out of it. Hopefully over time, either through updates or DLC, the size and scope of it will be expanded, but for now players can enjoy some incredible racing, even if it’s quite limited.

Gran Turismo: Sport is now available.

[Source: Bleeding Cool]