Get a Free Shadow of the Colossus Dynamic PS4 Theme

To celebrate the incredible reviews that Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is getting today, you can head over to where Sony is counting down to the launch of the game next week. Here you can earn an exclusive Shadow of the Colossus dynamic theme by completing “quests” which consist of watching a couple of videos about the game. One of the videos is the photo mode walkthrough that Bluepoint published a couple weeks ago.

The dynamic PS4 theme is an artistic rendition of Wander and Agro in the foreground while images of the game’s 16 iconic colossi scroll by in the background. Pressing up to the navigation bar will shift focus entirely to the scrolling art of the massive titans. The Shadow of the Colossus dynamic PS4 theme is set to the ambient sounds of wind and waves that really capture the vast loneliness present in Shadow of the Colossus. While it would have been great to have a music from the amazing soundtrack with this theme, the quiet ambiance is an effective substitute. Sound effects of switching and selecting PS4 tiles are taken from the game’s menu sounds.

Visit and login to your PSN account to claim yours.

Along with reviews, there’s a colossal amount of new information coming out about Bluepoints work on Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake. Check out a number of changes and improvements they made that you may not notice. You can also read about the technical details behind getting the game up and running in these things you may not know about Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake. Bluepoint confirmed that the PS4 release is actually running on the original PS2 game code.

What do you think of the free Shadow of the Colossus dynamic PS4 theme? More importantly, are you planning on picking up Shadow of the Colossus when it releases next week?