More Kingdom Hearts 3 Information Revealed From Fan Event

Over the weekend, a Kingdom Hearts fan event took place at D23 Japan, and while the biggest news from it might have been the latest trailer we received on the upcoming game, that doesn’t mean it’s all we got, as more new information – including some new screenshots for the game – were revealed.

According to the magazine (via KH Insider), a ton of new information on the upcoming game has been revealed, including the fact that the development of worlds for the game are split into three sections, with the first round of worlds being 90% complete, and the middle round being 60-70% complete. Also revealed in the report was the fact that there are roughly 10 worlds spread out over 3 parts, but it’s unclear at the moment if some of those worlds are strictly Disney worlds, or others in the game.

For a bit more on what Famitsu revealed about the upcoming game, check out below, and make sure to check out KH Insider for extra information about what fans saw at D23 Japan:

  • The Rare Heartless will be a giant-sized Japanese pudding themed Heartless. Co-director Tai Yasue says that there will be different fruit accessories that they wear.
  • The Giantland segment will be implemented like an old LSI game. This is something that Nomura really wanted to put into Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • You will be able to customise the Gummi Ship with accessories. It is not like Kingdom Hearts 1 level of customisation, but more in tune with how you could accessorise Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep.

As an added treat, make sure to check out the gallery below, which features 30 new screenshots from the highly anticipated game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release sometime in 2018.

[Source: KH Insider]