Electronic Arts Announces EA Play 2018, Will be Held June 9-11

For the third year in a row, Electronic Arts has announced that it will be holding its own EA Play event, opting to show off their upcoming titles at their own event rather than at E3 2018. The 2018 EA Play will once again be held at the Hollywood Palladium, and like last year, the event will run for three days begging on June 9 and running through June 11, 2018.

While no concrete information has been divulged yet, EA did announce that fans who attend will get the opportunity to play the next “Battlefield experience” as well as get an inside look at i, their highly anticipated upcoming action title. Of course, the usual suspects of Madden, FIFA, and The Sims will likely be there as well, so fans should have more than enough to play. Tickets aren’t available just yet, but usually pop up in the Spring.

In recent Electronic Arts news, the company revealed that they would be purchasing Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment:

“We have worked together a long time from the inception of the studio,” explained Zampella to GamesBeat. “[An acquisition] has come up from time to time. The question was, where we are in the industry, how do we take the next step in making bigger, better games. We see the need for bigger resources to make bigger games.”

Zampella also looked to calm fans that might be worried by the company being bought, especially since developer Visceral Games was just shuttered by Electronic Arts last month. “For fans, my message is we are still Respawn and we are going to make things better,” said Zampella. “It doesn’t change the future of Titanfall. Only positives come from it, like more resources.”

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[Source: DualShockers]