Blasters of the Universe Out Today for PlayStation VR

Secret Location and Archiact’s first-person bullet hell shooter is now available for PlayStation VR. Called Blasters of the Universe, the virtual reality title puts a new twist on an established genre. The game features over 130,000 loadout combinations, and a story mode for players to experience. To celebrate the launch, the studio put out a new trailer!

Check out the Blasters of the Universe launch trailer below:

Recently we were able to talk to Secret Location’s Josh Manricks about the upcoming game. Here’s a snippet of our Blasters of the Universe interview:

Tyler Treese: The bullet hell genre is one that is quite established, but you get the chance to do something new with it. How did you come up with the idea for Blasters of the Universe?

Josh Manricks: Secret Location has always been dedicated to the development of emerging technologies and creating original content. Blasters of the Universe was developed in our innovation lab, by a small team and originated as prototype called Wacky Weapons. We didn’t even have a VR headset with touch controllers and it featured a hotdog launch – yes, really. That was the genesis of the game. From there it evolved into what you see today.

Do you feel that virtual reality is an area where developers can really be creative and try new things without having to conform as much to genre norms?

VR is probably the most promising sector of games for developers to make something truly creative and new. We’re still in this fledgling state where everyone is experimenting with the absolute basics of game development and redefining how we move around and interact with items and characters. New genres are being created and old genres are being completely overhauled everyday – it’s really quite exhilarating to watch.

The potential to innovate in VR is practically endless and it’s only just begun. Consider how far game development has come in just the last 20 years and apply the same logic to VR – you just can’t deny how enticing the future looks, especially with breaking genre norms.

What different types of weapons will players be able to unlock? 

There’s over 130,000 weapon loadout combinations, so you’ll definitely discover there is a ton of freedom in the customization system to really make something to suit your style of play. But don’t get too comfortable with your loadout because each level begs for loadout experimentation to be truly successful at the game. In the Armory, players can test their weapon before they head into battle. As players progress in the game, new weapons unlock. There is a massive variety of weapon mods, ammo and shield options.

Blasters of the Universe is out now. We’ll have a review live soon!