Super Daryl Deluxe Launches Next Month for PS4

Today, Dan & Gary Games have announced that their high school-themed “RPGvania” game Super Daryl Deluxe will release for the PlayStation 4 next month on April 10. The game is set to feature a ton of powers, a brawler-style combat system, and have the feel of a hand-drawn comic.

When the game launches, it will put players in the shoes of Daryl Whitelaw, the new kid at Water Falls High School. This high school seems pretty normal except for the fact that every classroom is an alternate world that matches the classes subject. According to the announcement for the game, Super Daryl Deluxe features more than 45 powers that are fully upgradeable and customizable. For more information on the game, check out below and be on the lookout in the future:

Daryl’s idiot luck leads him to a mysterious self-help book that gives him access to more than 45 powers ranging from slapping enemies silly with gargantuan fists to riding a shark into battle. These abilities can be customized and upgraded any way he likes in a flexible combat system with like a gazillion possible combinations and playstyles. You wanna shoot baddies with rubber ducky arrows and flatten them with a rhino hammer? You do you, buddy.

If the honor students guarding the classrooms prove too much for a nerd like Daryl, he can complete side quests to increase his social rank, gaining new passive abilities. Or he could cobble together stuff he finds to make gear for himself. New equipment can strengthen Daryl, but he’s still gonna look like a worm wearing bell bottoms.

Super Daryl Deluxe is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 on April 10.