A Way Out PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Support Detailed

A Way Out director Josef Fares has revealed that the game will support both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Players on Sony’s premium system will get “higher frame rates” overall compared to the base system, while the Xbox One X version will additionally run at a “higher resolution.” Fares had nothing but praise to give both of the systems and said that both of the “newer consoles were quite convenient to work with.”

Here’s how Josef Fares described the A Way Out PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support in a Reddit AMA:

It does [support the PS4 Pro]! Expect higher frame rates overall on PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X will also run at higher frame rate, as well as a higher resolution. In general the newer consoles were quite convenient to work with, being straight specification upgrades to the previous ones.

For more on the upcoming cooperative game, check out our A Way Out preview. Here’s a snippet of what Paulmichael Contreras had to say:

It appears the game’s title, A Way Out, will take on different meanings as the game progresses. At the start of the game, the obvious meaning is finding a way out of prison. However, we were shown a point in the game approximately 3 – 5 hours in, and the two main characters Leo and Vincent had already busted out of prison (fun fact: Josef’s brother, a fellow actor by the name of Fares Fares, provided motion capture for, and voices, Leo). Between one man’s broken family and another’s tendency towards violence, A Way Out may also refer to finding a way out of the dead-end lives the two of them are living.

A Way Out controls like an adventure game in the vein of Life Is Strange or The Walking Dead, where you walk up to objects and people in the environment and interact with them. Where things diverge is that when the time comes to make a decision, both players have a say in what to do. You both have a cursor, and move it towards the decision you want to make; Josef indicated that he wants the two of you (or however many people are playing/watching the game) to talk to each other in real life and figure out what you want to do. So it’ll be interesting to see what the game does if you cannot decide, or take too long to make a choice.

A Way Out is set to launch on March 23, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Reddit]