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Ni no Kuni Developer Level-5 Teasing New RPG Set in Modern Day

Ni no Kuni developer Level-5 has revealed that it’ll be celebrating the studio’s 20th anniversary by making a massive RPG set in modern day. In an interview published by 4Gamer (via Gematsu), CEO Akirhiro Hino told Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada that the upcoming game will be of MMORPG scale.

We do have an idea. I’m not sure if we can call it MMORPG or not, but we plan to make a big title on the same scale as one. Also, since we’re going into our 20th year, we want to make something we like. If we’re able to get support from talented people who are able to do things we can’t do, then I think we’ll be able to make it. By the way, the game we’re preparing won’t be fantasy but rather ‘modern day.’

When Harada asked Hino if it was okay for him to reveal this information in the interview, Hino said that Level-5 had already mentioned before that it’ll be making a new game for its 20th anniversary. However, don’t expect the game to be out this year. As Hino recalls, the first Ni no Kuni was a 10th anniversary title that released two years after its announcement.

[Source: 4Gamer via Gematsu]