Randy Pitchford Makes a Passionate Plea to the Kaz Hirai Parody Account on Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past couple years  then you’ve probably seen the Kaz Hirai Twitter account. The Sony boss is often making outrageous statements, proclaiming his love for Ridge Racer, or both. The only issue is that it’s not him. It’s a parody account, and one that’s pretty damn good at what it does.

Well, one prominent gaming voice has now been fooled by the fake Hirai. Gearbox CEO and President Randy Pitchford recently messaged the account with a heartfelt message. “Humbly, consider this before you go,” wrote Pitchford. “We need Xbox and PlayStation to be allies. Instead of competing with each other, you guys need to work together to compete with all other distractions. Let’s get a billion users between Xbox and PlayStation – working together it is possible!”

A fan then informed Pitchford he was talking to one of Twitter’s most infamous parody accounts, and he took it in good stride. “Holy shit that is amazing,” said Pitchford. “I have been following for a few months thinking Kaz is so much cooler than I actually thought he was (and I thought he was cool). That’s what I get for not even bothering to read the bio.” Pitchford then closed with a classic line of “lol rip fml.” Indeed.

While it’s easy to tease Pitchford for this simple mix-up, he does raise a good point. The medium of gaming would be better as a whole if the two companies were competitive while also looking to serve a greater good. Fan-requested features such as cross-platform play are only a net positive for the industry, and Sony’s anti-consumer stance isn’t helping matters.

But in the now immortal words of Randy Pitchford: “lol rip fml.”