Super Robot Wars X Trophies Reveal Endings, Has a Platinum

Super Robot Wars X is set to release this week in Japan, but its English release in Southeast Asia isn’t until April 26, 2018. We don’t have to wait that long to see the game’s trophy list, though, as a new listing has revealed new information about the game’s story and endings.

Check out the Super Robot Wars X trophies below:


  • X-Master

    Obtain all Trophies.


  • Overseer of Two Stories

    View endings for both male and female protagonists.
  • Emblem Collector

    Collect all 5 Emblems.
  • Vault Master

    Bought all power parts (excluding Recommended) from the Vault and upgrade Magic Customization to Grade 6.
  • SR Point Hoarder

    Obtain 51 SR points.


  • The Challenger

    Complete Chapter 1 during replay.
  • War is Over

    Complete the Game.
  • Pilot Trainer

    30 pilots achieve Ace Pilot status.
  • Tuner

    Earn a Custom Bonus for 30 units.
  • Once in a Lifetime

    Deal 50,000 damage to a single enemy in one battle.
  • Money Kaiser

    Earn 100,000 funds in one battle.
  • Top Gun

    Any pilot achieves Great Ace status.
  • Five in a Row

    Any unit completes a Multi Action 4 times in a turn. (Controlling other units in between is okay.)
  • Peak Production

    Unlock all power parts (excluding Recommended) in the Vault.
  • Skill Collector

    Create 30 types of Skill Programs.


  • The Long Road to Peace

    Complete Chapter 1.
  • The Chosen Path

    Protagonist makes a choice at a crossroad.
  • Protector of Ende

    Clear a scenario after eliminating all enemies and acquiring Ende’s Amulet.
  • The Meaning of Od

    Clear a scenario after eliminating all enemies and acquiring Ende’s Eye.
  • Ace Pilot

    Any pilot achieves Ace Pilot status.
  • Custom Bonus

    Any unit acquires a Custom Bonus.
  • Break Time

    View an Interruption Message.
  • War Medal

    Acquire an Emblem.
  • Mental Fortitude

    With an ally unit sortied in a map, collect all Spirit Commands listed in the overall command Search.
  • One Pilot Army

    Any ally pilot destroys at least 10 enemy units in a single stage.
  • Full Count

    Max out any pilot’s ExC.
  • Magical Implement Developer

    Buy any power part (excluding Recommended) from the Vault.
  • Top-Secret Mission

    Complete a secret scenario.
  • A New Resolution

    Use the Spirit Command Resolve.
  • Routing the Enemy

    Any enemy pilot gains 50 Morale.
  • My First Skill Program

    Any pilot learns a Skill Program.
  • Dogma Apprentice

    Achieve Grade 1 or higher in Magic Customization.
  • Dogma Activate!

    Use the Individual Command Dogma.
  • Vault Scenario

    View a Vault Scenario.
  • Fiery Spirit

    Any pilot uses Spirit Commands Valor and Soul simultaneously.
  • Counterpunches

    Retaliate with a Counter attribute weapon at least 5 times in one stage.

Super Robot Wars X releases March 29 in Japan. An English version will come out April 26, 2018 in Southeast Asia.

[Source: PSN Profiles]