Rocket League Tournament Mode Update Will Introduce Chat Bans

With a brand new Tournament Mode coming to Rocket League next week, Psyonix has announced some new ways for players to identify and curb player harassment in the game. Earlier today, the studio revealed that along with Game Bans, players in violation of the Code of Conduct will also be subject to Chat Bans.

Chat Bans are basically what they sound like, removing a player’s ability to chat while in a match. The actions for triggering a Chat Ban are similar to that of a Game Ban, as players will be banned for the use of any racial, gender, or homophobic slurs. The process for which a ban will be given out are as follows:

  1. A player is reported for using abusive language in chat while playing an Online Match.

  2. Our system scans the complete chat log tied to the match in question.

  3. If a player is found to be using language that goes against the Code of Conduct, our system will then remove that player’s ability to chat in matches for a period of time, starting with 24 hours.

  4. Players can receive Chat Bans ranging from one day to up to one month.

  5. If a player continues to use abusive and harassing language after being Chat Banned for one month, they may start to receive Game Bans instead of additional Chat Bans

In addition to the Chat Bans, when the Tournament update goes live, it will include the Tournament function itself, of course, but also a bunch of other updates to the game, including:

  • Connection Quality Information – New notification icons that will signal the types of online connection issues during online matches to better troubleshoot issues
  • Enhanced Garage Options – New item stacking, filtering, searching, and sorting options
  • Expanded Team Customization – More shades have been added to the primary color palette for Battle-Cars and players will now have the choice to “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange” for painted car bodies
  • Audio Improvements – Crowd audio has been tweaked to better react to saves, goals, and important plays, and the soundtrack will now be available to play during online and offline matches
  • Samurai Battle-Car – New Import Battle-Car available as a limited-drop inside the new Triumph Crate

Rocket League is available now.