More New Mobile Suit Gunplas Will be Added to New Gundam Breaker Post-Launch for Free

Before publishing all the major New Gundam Breaker news to the public this week, Bandai Namco held a limited event to let Japanese media outlets try out the game earlier this month. And it looks like the embargo has been lifted just today, as various Japanese game news sites have posted impression articles on New Gundam Breaker and also Gundam Battle Operation 2; the latter being a free-to-play game for PS4 which is currently only planned to be available in East Asia.

One of those Japanese game news sites, 4Gamer, has also published their impression article of New Gundam Breaker, but they also have put in a very interesting addendum. You can read the particular excerpt which we have translated right below:

Finally, we have some tempting information brought to us by the New Gundam Breaker producer Mr. Kotaro Usui, so we’ll add the following. Gunplas appearing in this game will be published sequentially for free on the game’s release day and beyond, and ultimately this game is planned to have “the biggest [roster] number in the series.”

The pre-order limited incentive is The Name is Super Fumina, the only mission where you can fight the Super Fumina. Clearing this mission rewards the omnipotent Fumina Ticket which can be exchanged with any part that you have not acquired yet. By the way, Mr. Usui noted that “You cannot obtain Super Fumina’s parts.”

As of Gundam Breaker 3: Break Edition, the series already has parts from more than 200 mobile suit Gunplas available to assemble. With New Gundam Breaker set to add even more new units to the already huge roster, it’s sure to appease a lot of Gundam fans worldwide… except for those who wish the Super Fumina would be available for assembly as well though.

New Gundam Breaker will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Steam on June 22. Note that the Japanese PlayStation 4 version will be out one day earlier on June 21.

[Source: 4Gamer]