dragon quest builders 2 screenshots

Check Out the First Official Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots

It’s been about two months since we got our first (very brief) look at the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2, but now Square Enix has once again revealed some new details in the form of the first official screenshots for the game. In the screenshots, players will get a good look at the two protagonists for the upcoming game, as well as a mysterious enemy known as the God of Destruction Malroth, who is a 6-armed dragon of some sort.

You can check out the full gallery of images, which also include some shots of where the game will take place, below:

For more information on the upcoming game, check out a brief overview of Vacant Island, where the game takes place (via Gematsu):

The protagonist washes ashore the “Vacant Island.” This island, where there is currently nothing, will be the base of your adventure.

A certain event leads the protagonist to wash ashore on an unpopulated island called the “Vacant Island.” This island, where there are few flowers and living things, and not yet any houses or towns where people live, will be the base of your adventure. Use the power to craft possessed by Builders to build and build on the Vacant Island.

Here’s what PlayStation LifeStyle’s Keri Honea had to say about the original Dragon Quest Builders in her review of the 2016 PlayStation 4 release:

It’s easy to dismiss Dragon Quest Builders as just another Minecraft clone or a Minecraft-lite, but those who do will miss out on a very creative little adventure. I never thought building in the name of saving the world could be this entertaining or keep me up so late at night. I’ve always enjoyed the crafting side of RPGs, but this takes it on to a whole new level. It’s a crafter’s paradise more than it is a builder’s, something you won’t know until you pick it up for yourself. Come for the charming Dragon Quest look and feel and, yes, the Minecraft building; stay for the questing and crafting.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We’ll have more on the title as more information becomes available.