Arabian Nights-Inspired Roguelite City of Brass Launches in May

Uppercut Games – a studio formed by former Bioshock veterans – has announced that their Arabian Nights-inspired first-person roguelite adventure game City of Brass will launch on May 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game, which sees players venturing into a mythological land in search of a fabled treasure, is billed as being a mix of “lash-and-slash” and conventional adventure gameplay.

You can check out a brand new trailer for the upcoming game below:

Featuring a Blessings & Burdens system that allows players to make optional choices in the game, City of Brass designer – and co-founder of Uppercut Games – Ed Orman hopes that the various tweaks players can make to health and damage output create a more joyful experience for the players. “City of Brass is a fast-paced hack-and-slash adventure leaping from the pages of Arabian Nights,” said Orman. “We hope players will enjoy plundering the city for its treasures when the game launches this May.”

For more on the upcoming City of Brass, make sure to check out below for a brief overview on the title:

Set in a mythological metropolis undone by its love of gold, City of Brassfollows a cunning thief on a heist to obtain fabled treasure hidden in the heart of the opulent ruins. Armed with a bullwhip and blade, players will lash-and-slash their way through the legions of damned souls that haunt this legendary labyrinth while pilfering relics and other riches contained within its walls.
The rhythmic interplay between these tools gives the experience a fluid feeling as melee bleeds into movement. The versatile whip is used not only to disarm, trip, and stun enemies but allows players to swing to safety or obtain objects that otherwise would be out of reach. The whip also has the ability to turn City of Brass’ dangerous environment against itself. Players can wield it to manipulate hazards from a safe distance and spring deadly traps on unsuspecting enemies.

City of Brass launches on May 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.