Blind Coming to PlayStation VR, New Announcement Trailer Released

Surprise Attack, an independent game label based in Australia, has released a new trailer and details for Blind, releasing later this year for PSVR and various other platforms.

Like many virtual reality titles already available on PSVR, Blind certainly appears to be on a league of its own. But don’t be blinded by the game’s simplistic atmosphere, because — at least from the looks of it — this one will leave you absolutely mesmerized.

Judge for yourself with this new Blind announcement trailer:

Blind prides itself in being a suspenseful, psychological thriller, whereas traditional first-person titles normally take a more action-oriented approach. You take on the role of a scared and nervous young woman who has inexplicably lost her eyesight. With the help of a cane, the use of echolocation, and various other environmental sounds, her sole mission is to navigate a strange mansion and ultimately escape the madness.

You are left to wander and solve increasingly difficult puzzles while an unknown voice constantly guides you to victory… or to your untimely demise. As the game progresses, you will inevitably get closer to the truth and uncover the reason behind this twisted and sadistic experiment.

From what we can see (no pun intended [but actually it totally was intended]), Blind is meticulously built from the ground up to take full advantage of VR. This has allowed developer Tiny Bull Studios to brilliantly implement the aforementioned echolocation theme to deliver a true psychological experience.

The binaural audio, along with vague objects that can only be seen briefly, naturally creates an undeniable sense of anxiety and tension. Another neat feature is how the game handles motion sickness by relying on the shoulder buttons to turn incrementally.

Blind has been in development for quite a few years now, but we don’t mind waiting if it means the final product is as exhilarating as it sounds.

Are you excited to feel your way around when Blind arrives on PSVR later this year?