Dead Secret PS4

Horror Mystery Dead Secret Arriving Soon to PS4 and PSVR

Developer Robot Invader has revealed that their horror-mystery adventure, Dead Secret, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PSVR on April 24.

Here’s the original Dead Secret announcement trailer to give you a better idea of what’s coming:

Dead Secret first appeared on multiple consoles and rival VR platforms back in 2015, and now it’s well on its way to terrorize PS4 and PSVR players.

The unique, atmospheric title explores a 1960s-era journalist in search of the next big story. This leads the player to the unsolved murder of Harris Bullard, a reclusive individual with a questionable and mysterious past. You’ll soon be busy investigating numerous suspects, collecting invaluable evidence, and solving increasingly difficult puzzles as you get closer to the truth.

Dead Secret follows the classic, tried-and-true ‘who done it’ formula while implementing plenty of modern twists along the way. This includes the ability to unlock five different endings, but these won’t come easy when the murderer is constantly watching your every move.

Furthermore, the game will feature a non-VR mode for those who prefer a more traditional, input-based approach. If titles like Resident Evil 7 and Until Dawn are any indication, however, embracing the game’s VR capabilities will prove much more satisfying.

Robot Invader is also hard at work with the game’s sequel, Dead Secret Circle, which is headed to various platforms later this year (a PSVR verions is still unannounced at this time). In the sequel, players assume the role of yet another reporter in the early 1970s. Your job is to help bring another murderer to justice before you and your loved ones become the latest victims.

While no price point has yet been announced, Dead Secret is currently available for $15 on Steam.

Will you help bring the killer to justice when Dead Secret releases this April 24 on PlatStation 4 and PSVR?

[Via: PlayStation Blog]