Tacoma Launching on PlayStation 4 Next Month, Includes Commentary Mode

Earlier today, Fullbright announced that their exploration adventure game Tacoma will finally be making its way to PlayStation 4, with the game launching on the Sony platform next month on May 8. The game, which tells the story of six people stranded on a high-tech space station, is the next game from the studio after their successful debut with Gone Home. You can check out a trailer for Tacoma below, and preorder it on PlayStation 4 now at a special discounted price.

When Tacoma launches on PlayStation 4, it will come with a brand new Commentary Mode included, allowing players to access over 2 hours of new audio commentary from the designers, storytellers, animators, artists, and programmers behind the game. The Commentary mode will be included as a free update to the other versions of the game as well.

For more on the upcoming PlayStation 4 title, check out below for a brief overview of the game:

Tacoma is the story of six people stranded aboard a high-tech space station when disaster strikes– and the mysterious AI at the center of it all. As Amy Ferrier, spacefaring fixer for hire, you board Space Station Tacoma to unravel the mystery of what happened here, and recover the station’s powerful AI by any means necessary. Using the facility’s interactive 3D surveillance technology and your own powers of intuition, you’ll investigate every detail of this tight-knit crew’s lives, discovering a story that reviewers have called “Enthralling” (Game Informer) “gripping and emotional” (Destructoid). A frontrunner in numerous Game of the Year lists as well as a finalist for Best Narrative in both the IGF and BAFTA game awards, one of the year’s most compelling interactive narratives is now coming to PS4.

Tacoma will launch on May 22, 2018 for PlayStation 4.