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Dragon Quest Director, Jin Fujisawa, Leaving Square Enix After 18 Years

Dragon Quest director, Jin Fujisawa, has revealed on Twitter that he’s leaving Square Enix. He apologized to fans for the sudden announcement, and said that he’s taking on a new challenge with a different company. However, he didn’t share any further details.

A translation of Fujisawa’s tweet (courtesy of Siliconera) can be read below:

I, Fujisawa, have resigned from Square Enix.

After resigning, I did continue writing for Fortune Tellers Academy, but currently I’m tackling a new challenge with a different company. I think I’ll be able to share more about the present condition on a separate occasion.

I truly apologize for the sudden announcement.

Fujisawa served Square Enix for 18 years. He started work on the Dragon Quest franchise in the late 90s as a Scenario Assistant for PlayStation 1’s Dragon Quest VII, which released in 2000. He continued working on the franchise in the same capacity until 2009, when he served as Battle Director for Nintendo DS title Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Fujisawa also directed Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest X.

We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. As far as Fujisawa’s next project is concerned, we’ll make sure to update our readers when he makes an announcement.

[Source: Jin Fujisawa (Twitter) via Siliconera]