Gensokyo Defenders English trophies

Here’s the Full Gensokyo Defenders English Trophy List

We recently learned that Exophase has published an English-version trophy list for Gensokyo Defenders on PlayStation 4. While the game is scheduled for release on May 1 in Japan, however, there is no confirmation of an English release date whatsoever. Is there hope for an English game release any time soon?

Here is the Gensokyo Defenders English trophy list, along with their respective requirements:

  • Deja vu: Send 100 enemies back to the start
  • Wall of Friendship: Play online
  • The Great Light Fairies: Clear all of the Light Fairies’ Stages on Normal
  • The Amazing Ice Fairy: Clear all of Cirno’s Stages on Easy
  • The Amazing Light Fairies: Clear all of the Light Fairies’ Stages on Easy
  • The Strongest Light Fairies: Clear all of the Light Fairies’ Stages on Hard
  • The Great Ice Fairy: Clear all of Cirno’s Stages on Normal
  • Defending’s About Power: Clear a stage with no Traps
  • Defending’s About Brains: Clear a stage with only Traps
  • Fairy Infirmary: Defeat more than 500 enemies in a stage
  • Fantastic Attacker: Defeat more than 12 enemies at once
  • Maximum Firepower!: Deal more than 350 damage in one attack
  • Fairy Maestra: Defeat more than 30 enemies in a row
  • Danger Underfoot: Push 500 enemies into water or lava
  • Fairy: the Endangered Species: Defeat 10000 enemies
  • Mastermind: Turn 100 enemies traitor
  • Danmaku Dancer: Clear the last Stage of Cirno’s Story on Easy without taking damage
  • Even a (9) Could Do It: Clear the first Stage in Cirno’s Story
  • The Strongest Defender: Clear all Trophies
  • The Strongest Ice Fairy: Clear all of Cirno’s Stages on Hard

It’s easy to get excited over this game, especially when judged by its plot and overall features. In a nutshell, you take control of Gensokyo’s residents and fight against countless fairies with powerful spells in a tower defense-like fashion.

Command a total of 20 playable characters as they attack with unique traits and abilities. You may weaken enemies, blow them back, freeze them, or perform other offensive moves to succeed in each level.

This type of action also calls for online co-cop, and Gensokyo Defenders promises to deliver just that.

We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed, at this point. We’ll keep you updated on a potential Gensokyo Defenders English release date as more details become available. Meanwhile, grab yourself a copy when it releases on PS4 in Japan this May 1.

[Via: Exophase]