Payload Studios Announces that TerraTech will be Getting Console Releases

Developer and publisher Payload Studios has announced on their blog that TerraTech will be coming to the consoles. The game is an open-world sandbox adventure, with Kotaku praising the game as a “digital Lego Technic with guns.”

More information about the game available here, via their Steam page:

TerraTech is an open-world, sandbox adventure game, where you design and build your own creations through a mix of crafting, combat and discovery. Explore a hostile alien landscape, or design with creative freedom. The choice is yours.

Start your career as an Intergalactic miner on a randomly generated infinite world in search of profit and glory in Campaign, sit back and build to your hearts content in Creative mode or pit your Techs against the clock and dare to run the Gauntlet Challenge. There are many game modes available in TerraTech to stretch your Tech building imagination to the limits!


In the distant future, Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, and as a resource-gathering prospector it’s your job to travel to alien planets and scour them for valuable materials. But you are not alone! Rival prospectors litter the landscapes of these new worlds, and will fight to protect what’s theirs, and invade to take what’s yours. To make your mark, you will need to be cunning and creative.

Payload Studios also made tons of improvement on the game, including the following:

New blocks

We’ve added around 100 new blocks to both the main game and to our DLC, R&D.

  • Hawkeye & Venture Missile Launchers
  • EXP Bomb Bay
  • GSO Explosive Bolts
  • Hawkeye, Venture and GSO Shotguns
  • Hawkeye, Venture and GSO Mortars
  • Venture and EXP Flame Throwers
  • GeoCorp Angled and Articulated Drills and Plasma Cutters
  • GSO and Hawkeye huge end-game Cannons
  • Hawkeye Sentry Turret
  • Venture Mobile Refinery and SCU
  • Payload Terminals for all Corporations (Shop Blocks)
  • EXP Axles, Bearings, Hooks and Loops
  • Venture Monster and Titan Truck Wheels
  • EXP F1 Wheels
  • GeoCorp Stupidly Big Wheels
  • Hawkeye Autocannon
  • Venture Springer Wheel Series
  • GSO Autominer
  • GSO, Venture and Hawkeye Propellers
  • Tank Treads for All Corporations


We fleshed out the world of TerraTech with NPCs and a range of missions, such as:

  • GSO’s Crafty Mike and his crafting missions
  • GeoCorp’s Big Pete and his harvesting missions
  • Venture’s Suzi Vroom and her racing missions
  • Hawkeye’s Sergeant Smash and his combat missions
  • GSO crate drops
  • GSO defend friendly Tech missions
  • Venture’s stunts on ramps, hoops & platforms
  • Venture’s catch and destroy missions

Catch TerraTech on the PlayStation 4 by the Summer of 2018.

[Source: TerraTech official website]