Hideo Kojima Reveals a Bizarre New Death Stranding Screenshot

Hideo Kojima is hard at work in preparation for getting a little game called Death Stranding ready for E3 2018. Even so, Kojima-san has seen fit to share a new Death Stranding screenshot that offers more questions than answers.

Taking to Twitter, Kojima revealed a beautiful looking in-engine shot of… some moss.

It’s not the most engaging image in the world (it sure does look purdy, though) and, yet, knowing the mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid, there’s surely more than meets the eye with this particular piece of lush greenery. I can’t help but notice a face forming in the bottom right of the image, for instance.

In the tweet, Kojima once again refers to the Decima Engine, the bespoke engine used by Guerilla Games on Horizon: Zero Dawn. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, Death Stranding is straining every last drop out of its (already considerable) power.

With Kojima continuing the countdown towards E3 2018 – and Death Stranding confirmed to have a major presence at the show – it all adds up to the title, one of a quartet of exclusives that Sony will be showcasing at the event on June 11, being one of the premiere attractions at the flagship industry event.

For now, we’ll have to keep our eye on any rumblings from Kojima’s various social media profiles. The man loves a tease, and he sure knows how to get people talking when it comes to the most minute details. Case in point: we’ve all just spent a few minutes staring at some lovingly-crafted moss and wondering just how it ties in to any new Death Stranding info. Hideo Kojima is the puppetmaster and we are all on strings.

[Source: Hideo Kojima]