Sony Says VR Market Growth Was ‘Below Expectations’

VR tech has been trying to catch up with mainstream gaming for years. Sony showed tremendous effort to push its PlayStation VR technology, so they are definitely focused on VR growth. In addition to that, we’ve also witnessed major shifts on the current market, where corporations show massive interest in VR. Facebook, for instance, coughed up $2bn for Valve’s Oculus.

This year though, we’ve seen various VR games trying to leave a mark on the gaming market. Sony, of course, remains one of the largest players in the VR game, thanks to their PlayStation VR headset that launched in October 2016. As of December 2017, the PlayStation VR sold two million units.

Following Sony’s investor relations event, the company did confirm that PSVR was growing, albeit growth for the overall VR market was “below expectation.” The information was noted under the “challenges and improvements” section, which represented Sony’s video game business, called the game and network services segment.

At the moment, Sony is also focusing on shifting production pace, as well as investments as far as new IPs are concerned; all of which may influence the PS4’s life cycle. Meanwhile, it’s hard not to notice that the entire Web is teeming with reports and rumors of the PlayStation 5 console (there are signs everywhere, and yet still no official confirmation from Sony).