Spider-Man Full Motion Ad Catches the Eye in Los Angeles

Insomniac Games are clearly spearing no expense when it comes to advertising the brand new upcoming PS4-exclusive, Spider-Man. The web slinger is looking cooler than ever. Check out this full motion SpiderMan PS4 ad Sony has placed on a massive building in LA:

Talk about being prepared for E3. Thanks to the gigantic and, admittely, awesome-looking ad, Sony is properly gearing up for E3 2018. The amazing animated billboard is wrapped around a city skyscraper and overlooks one of the many busy junctions of LA.

Of course, there’s no doubt whatsoever that this thing grabs anyone’s attention, whether they are walking, driving a car or a freakin’ bus.

Spider-Man is obviously one of those IPs Sony holds dear, since they are keeping it a PS4-exclusive. As we’ve recently discovered, despite the fact that we’re entering the final phase of the PS4 life cycle, the company is determined to have a solid line-up for its number one console.

Spider-Man releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console on September 7, 2018. Oh yeah, and just in case, you haven’t been paying attention, we’ll see more of the game during this year’s E3 festivities.

[Source: Twitter]