Grimshade Kickstarter Campaign Details a Fantasy RPG with Profound Decision Making Features

Developer Talerock has unveiled their new game, Grimshade, with a Kickstarter campaign.

According to them, Grimshade will be a story-driven RPG set in a unique fantasy world. It features turn-based combat systems and non-linear gameplay. Players will be able to guide a group of adventurers as they journey through their world, Ree’Fah.

The game will put a heavy focus on the player’s decision making skills. These decisions will have a large effect on each of the characters, the storyline itself, and even the way battles are fought. As players go around and explore Ree’Fah, meet new characters, and uncover deep secrets connecting to the plot, every decision will affect how they interact in the story.

grimshade kickstarter campaign

Here are some features of the game, via their Kickstarter:

Grimshade is a fantastic adventure during which you will explore a vast and rich world and fight formidable enemies. The gameplay is divided into two distinct phases – adventure and combat.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode delivers an exciting journey through the world of Ree’Fah. As well you develop the storyline at your own pace, you will discover different races, acquire better equipment and meet new characters.


We have invested a lot of time and effort into developing our unique approach to battles and making them as interesting and exciting as possible. Any unexpected turn of events can land you in a fight, and you share the world with a great many hostile creatures that you will be forced to defeat.

Character Development

We’ve added a significant amount of equipment and abilities, allowing you to pick out the right setting for every specific situation.

Each character has nine equipment slots: five slots for weapons and accessories that provide combat skills, and four for protective gear.

Offensive slots have no vertical growth — these are your tools for carrying out combat. For example, you can change Charlie’s or Alister’s weapons by choosing faster pistols to fight small and fast enemies; or select a powerful pistol to pierce the armor of particularly strong monsters.

Protective gear, in turn, affects the heroes’ characteristics. Different types of equipment increase the character’s chances of survival in battle, as well as providing overall skill boosts and increases to other traits. This is all aimed primarily at reducing the cost of any tactical mistake.

Grimshade is currently in its early Kickstarter campaign efforts. A total of $200,000 dollars will be needed in order to get a PlayStation 4 version of the game. If you are interested in donating to their cause, visit their Kickstarter page.