Beware as Night Falls as Aragami: Shadow Edition Announces Its Release Date

Aragami, the third-person action stealth game from Lince Works, has announced the release date for both Aragami: Shadow Edition and the Aragami: Nightfall DLC expansion. Lince has also released a trailer for the first mission playthrough for Nightfall.

Aragami: Shadow Edition is a bundle that contains the original Aragami base game, the upcoming expansion Aragami: Nightfall, and all the currently released DLC for the game. Both the game and the expansion support two-player online co-op on a cross-platform multiplayer system, from consoles to PC.

The original Aragami game is a third-person, action-stealth game where the player assumes the role of an undead assassin with the power to control shadows. The player can play as a Ghost or a Demon, each with different play-style capabilities. The Ghost allows players to get all stealthy and finish missions without alerting anyone, while the Demon allows you to unleash chaos and destruction to anything that stands in your path.

Meanwhile, Aragami: Nightfall will be the first story expansion to the original game. Nightfall takes place in a new campaign before the events of Aragami. This provides players new challenges and much more complex scenarios. The story provides a crucial chapter in the game’s plot, in which players will be experiencing the events that led to awakening of Aragami.

Aragami: Shadow Edition and Aragami: Nightfall will launch simultaneously on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 as digital-only downloads for the PlayStation 4. Those who have the original game can just purchase Nightfall expansion, while people who don’t have the game yet are encouraged to get the Shadow Edition.