Detroit: Become Human is Quantic Dream’s ‘Most Successful Release So Far’

Detroit: Become Human is well on the way to becoming an unprecedented success for developers Quantic Dream, as well as another jewel added to the Sony exclusives crown. That’s the opinion of Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere who, while not disclosing exact Detroit: Become Human sales figures, has revealed that it is the company’s “most successful release so far.”

De Fondaumiere took to Twitter to not only blow his company’s own trumpet (as he should!), but to thank the community that has sprung up around Detroit: Become Human upon launch. Fan artists, cosplayers, musicians, and more were all given a pat on the back by de Fondaumiere.

Even if we don’t have the sales numbers just yet, we do have an idea of just how well the game is doing overseas. In the UK, for example, Detroit: Become Human cracked the top 5 of May’s monthly chart, despite only being out for all of 48 hours by the time the report was complete. That’s serious impressive by anyone’s metrics.

Whether a sequel (or more money being thrown at David Cage for something completely different) is in the works, taken in the context of Quantic Dream’s other efforts, most notably Heavy Rain back in 2010, this can only be good news for video games. For Detroit to outperform one of the PS3’s most-lauded titles will be music to the ears of those who want to both consume and create stories that excite and evolve the medium.

[Source: Guillaume de Fondaumiere]