Latest Planet Alpha Trailer Shows Off an Entire Alien World

After announcing his unique take on the side-scrolling genre with Planet Alpha earlier this year, independent developer Adrian Lazar has come back today to show off more of the game in the form of a brand new trailer. In it, we get a good look at not only some of the exotic and unique environments the game has to offer but how players will be able to solve some of the puzzles they’ll be tasked with when the game launches this year.

When players begin Planet Alpha, they will awaken on a strange alien world that is home to tons of exotic flora and fauna. As players explore the world, they’ll uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet, and must use that to try and find their way home. Lazar started developing the game on his own about four years ago, but now sports a small team that is hard at work creating the game. “But what stayed the same from the beginning was this desire to create an immersive, living world that would awe, scare and intrigue at the same time,” he said. “An unexplored alien planet is the perfect canvas for this so we let our imagination flow.”

For more on the upcoming Planet Alpha, make sure to check out a brief description of the game below:

So we implemented a day and night cycle that we keep evolving even today, which goes way beyond the visuals, affecting every part of the gameplay. What’s more, the player has the ability to change the time of day at will, using the transformation that the planet undergoes to their advantage.

For example, deep in the dense alien jungle light barely reaches the soil, so during the day some species of mushrooms extend toward the canopy to escape the shade. If you’re observant, you can use them as platforms to reach higher places or as covers to sneak past enemies.

Planet Alpha is currently set to launch in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.