Respawn Star Wars

Respawn’s Vince Zampella Teasing a ‘Juicy Tidbit’ at EA Play Tomorrow, Is it Their Star Wars Game?

Respawn, perhaps best known recently for the Titanfall series, is going to have a small “tidbit” of a presence at E3, according to CEO Vince Zampella. While EA Play isn’t exactly E3 proper (EA stepped away from the show to host their own event that coincides with it), it still gets caught up in the excitement of all the announcements that will begin flowing in next week. Not that this week hasn’t been full of leaks and announcements already.

Per Zampella, they will be mentioning a “juicy little tidbit” about one of the three projects that are currently in development at Respawn.

Here’s where we get to speculate for the next day or so about what Zampella could be talking about. We know that one of their titles is a VR project that Respawn was contracted by Oculus to make. EA’s acquisition of Respawn was said to be in pursuit of a new Titanfall game, but there haven’t been any announcements or leaks about that one yet. The final and most likely scenario is a look at (or at least that “juicy little tidbit” about) Respawn’s Star Wars game.

Star Wars is a hot property and EA will want to keep the hype surrounding it alive. We’ve known about Respawn’s Star Wars game since 2016, so it seems like it would be time to show something off. Even if it’s simply a small teaser, we’ll likely see something that fans can latch onto and speculate about until more details are finally revealed.

EA Play starts tomorrow, June 9 at 11 am Pacific, beginning with EA’s conference. Don’t miss the show to find out what Zampella might be teasing! What do you think we’ll see tomorrow?