Nasty The Crew 2 Bug Prevents Players From Even Starting the Game, Crashes on Startup

Ahead of The Crew 2’s official launch on June 29, early-access players are already reporting a pretty nasty bug that prevents the game from getting past the main menu screen. When attempting to connect to the servers, the game will crash and give error code CE-34878-0, which means “an error has occurred with the application.” The bug appears to exclusively affect PS4 players, and seems limited to Eastern European regions, at least by anecdotal accounts.

Players who bought The Crew 2 Gold Edition were granted three-day early access to the game (among other bonus in-game goodies), but it looks like many players haven’t actually been able to start it up. There is no offline single-player either, so with the error occurring while connecting to the servers, it doesn’t appear that there is any way to fix this without the involvement of Ubisoft.

The Ubisoft forums and The Crew 2 communities on PS4 are filled with reports from angry players who paid for the Gold Edition and have run into the same crashing bug. Ubisoft offered some potential fixes that amount to the standard IT solutions of “turn it off and back on again” or “unplug it, count to 20, restart.” Sony’s solution for the recurring error code is to initialize your PS4. Players report trying that fix to try to play the game without success. A few reports of the PC version having a similar bug have trickled in, but are largely anecdotal and unconfirmed at this time. Reportedly, Ubisoft support has been telling people to reset their consoles and call Sony support about the issue as the crash results in a PS4 error.

Ubisoft has made players aware that they are investigating the problem, but even if Ubisoft manages to fix the crash with a future patch, a major selling point of the Gold Edition was the three-day early access that players got. This The Crew 2 bug not only makes the game unplayable, but robbed those who purchased the Gold Edition of the early-access playtime they should have otherwise received.

While relatively limited in scope now, the standard version of the game launches in less than 24 hours. At that time, it’s possible that we may see a lot more reports start to crop up if Ubisoft has not landed on a fix before then. PS4 players from regions outside of Eastern Europe seem to be unaffected by the crash at this time. A couple of PSLS staff members have already gotten their hands on the game and are planning to have a review out to you shortly.

Ubisoft has detailed post-launch support, but it looks like they need to get into gear on launch support before looking at what comes after. Are you the affected by The Crew 2 crashing bug?

[Source: Reddit]