Fortnite’s Mysterious Live Event Begins Tomorrow Afternoon

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest happenings in the lore of Fortnite, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged in tomorrow. According to various high-profile Fortnite players, something is happening tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST that, unlike most things in the game, can be missed if you’re not around.

According to Fortnite YouTuber Muselk, there will be some sort of event occurring at the rocket located in the supervillain lair by Snobby Shores tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST. As Muselk says, something “big” is going to happen, and it’s only going to happen once, in real time. Obviously, the inclusion of real-time events in Fortnite is something Epic Games has never done, so this would be a huge departure from the norm but would give players who are able to log on the ability to see a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

If you’ve been playing Fortnite since the start of Season 4, you’ll know that over time, the game has been hinting at the fact that something will be happening soon. Ever since the inclusion of Season 4 and the various superhero and supervillain lairs, the game has been leading up to a major event occurring. Two weeks ago, in-game TVs began broadcasting a strange message, with some of them displaying a countdown timer that seems like it will reach zero tomorrow. Other players have also been hearing a siren near the super villain lair that hasn’t been used for anything yet but does house a pretty sizable missile.

Will that missile finally launch? Will it strike the map and create another impact zone, much like the comets did last season? Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. If you want to get a front row seat for the action, however, make sure you find yourself there tomorrow.

[Source: Twitter]