A Fortnite Leak is Pointing Towards a Wild West-Themed Season 5

It looks like Epic may have sprung a Fortnite leak. While data-mining isn’t *quite* as bad as outright leaking info, it’s pretty much par for the course these days when it comes to finding out new and upcoming info about our favorite games. In the case of the battle royale phenomenon, though, it’s actually teasing an end game for those rifts, as well as what could be coming our way in Fortnite season 5.

Fortrise Leaks had revealed that a wooden anchor (check), a Western stagecoach (check), and a set of animal bones (nope) would be dropping out of a rift in Fortnite thanks to some files it has obtained via data-mining. While we’re still waiting on the bones (they look very reminiscent of a buffalo if you ask me), a picture is slowly but surely being painted of a time-period mashup, with one period in particular taking precedence, if you ignore the wooden anchor: the Wild West.

With season 5 due to arrive on July 12, this Fortnite leak should be sending rift-hunters into overdrive. The first two items have appeared as foretold, and the location of the animal bones might just indicate where the next big map change is going to take place. So, there’s a good chance we’ll be entering the world of saloons and saddles for the foreseeable future.

[Source: Forbes]