Days Gone’s World Is ‘Dynamic and Living’

It’s safe to say many people were disappointed to learn that Days Gone was pushed out of its assumed 2018 release window. Though the game didn’t have a definitive 2018 release date, many did expect it to hit sometime during this year. Receiving anything now is always the preferred method, but there’s no harm in delayed gratification, and since Days Gone will now be releasing in February 2019, more details regarding the project have come forth thanks to the game’s lead open-world designer.

In an interview with Gamereactor, Eric Jensen talked about the environments we’ll be exploring and how players will be able to impact the world around them. “There [are] different camp leaders that have different motivations, and there [are] different jobs and job types that you can get from camps. That’s some of the more […] static stuff. The rest of the world is dynamic and living and reacts to Deacon, so as you take out what we call ‘infestations’ – these are kind of hotspots of the freakers where they can nest – you’ll see the environment and an area start to change and adapt. So where previously it was infested with freakers, you might start to see humans showing up.”

Though Jensen didn’t specifically mention how human AI would respond to the player-character Deacon, it would seem that Days Gone‘s world is dynamic. The way Jensen describes this “dynamic and living” world, however, doesn’t sound too unlike that of Far Cry‘s outpost liberation mechanic: In Far Cry 5, for example, Hope County citizens will take over an outpost when you liberate it from the control of the Project at Eden’s Gate. It’ll be interesting to see if whether these infestations will become populated by human AI over time, or if human AI will immediately show up after killing all the freakers occupying an area.

During E3 2018, we had the chance to check out Days Gone with an exclusive hands-on preview. We wrote that “Days Gone looks great, plays great, and has some of the most unique mechanics of any zombie games out there, especially fully open-world ones. I was a little surprised it wasn’t given one last public E3 hurrah before its release, but I was happy to get a chance to go hands-on with Days Gone. Sony has a great lineup of exclusives coming, and February 2019 is no exception.”

Days Gone will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 22 2019.

[Source: Gamereactor]