Santa Monica Studio Hiring Concept Artist to Design New Gods, Suggesting God of War Sequel

By Odin’s beard, this is exciting news. Santa Monica Studio, developer of a certain God of War series (I think you’ve heard of it) is hiring a concept artist to work within the team. What would they be doing? Well, pretty much a dream job: designing new creatures and gods for either a big piece of God of War DLC or, more likely than not, a God of War sequel.

Should you have the skills needed to apply you can do so over on the Santa Monica Studio website. But we’re more interested in that job description for reasons other than a 401k and an expected salary.

That’s because the role of concept artist will work on designing ‘high quality characters, gods, creatures, and props’ for an as-yet-announced project. At the risk of putting two and two together and getting, ahem, Thor, it sure sounds like a God of War sequel could very well be in the works. After all, what’s a God of War game without a bunch of beasts and badass gods to kick around?

We’ve already seen a tease for one new god with (spoiler alert) the God of Thunder himself showing up on Kratos’ doorstep in the game’s ominous secret ending, and Santa Monica themselves have already given us a slight tease about a ‘bigger’ God of War sequel. Now we just need to clap eyes on a few devilish deities coming down from up on high then a second go-around with Kratos and Atreus will start feeling a whole lot more real.