Spider-Man PS4 Classic Suit Revealed For First Time

The white trim on the logo was all well and good but this is what we’ve really been waiting for. Insomniac (or, rather, PlayStation, through their Twitter account) has revealed the Spider-Man PS4 classic suit for the first time and, boy, it is a looker. In fact, whisper it, it might just be the best version of the traditional suit ever.

Take it away, in-game recreation of the Daily Bugle.

How’s that for spectacular? The red checked design looks fantastic close-up and, honestly, feels far (ahem) superior to Insomniac’s effort.

It’s not just the costume that draws the eye, though. If you read between the (head)lines, you should to be able to map out a prequel of sorts to Spider-Man PS4, with the classic suit-wearing Spidey getting Rhino locked up in the Raft. It just leaves me wondering whether there’s a plot-based reason for the webhead to get a new suit so soon after these events. Does a head-to-head tussle with someone like the Kingpin or Mister Negative force him to change tack and get a new suit with plenty of upgrades? We’ll find out soon enough but, for now, the Spider-Man PS4 classic suit is a fine enough appetizer.