Control Story-Driven Gameplay Discussed in Remedy’s New Dev Diary

Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment continues to uncover more details regarding their intriguing new game, Control. The studio has released their second developer diary, shedding more light on the game itself. Specifically, they discuss gameplay and other facets of the game. Check it out (also, you can watch the first Control developer diary right here):

Initially, Remedy Entertainment’s introduced Control to gamers during the E3 2018 and have revealed it to be a third-person action-adventure game.

Interestingly, Control features a Metroidvania-style game world, according to the words of creative director Sam Lake. He also recently stated that their development studio is

Game director Mikael Kasurinen had the following to say about Control. “Control represents a new exciting chapter for us, it redefines what a Remedy game is. It shows off our unique ability to build compelling worlds while providing a new player-driven way to experience them. A key focus for Remedy has been to provide more agency through gameplay and allow our audience to experience the story of the world at their own pace,” said Game director Mikael Kasurinen.

Remedy is certainly known for pushing the boundaries of gaming with ambitious titles such as the recent Quantum Break, and before that incredibly successful projects, including the Max Payne series.

Gamers can look forward to purchasing Control is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019.

[Source: Control Remedy]