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No Man’s Sky Save Bug Fixed at the Speed of Light

Hello Games and Sean Murray aren’t content with resting on their laurels. The No Man’s Sky Next update, while met with considerable fanfare, also gave users a black hole-sized headache in the form of a particularly troublesome save game glitch that reverted users’ data right back to the beginning of the game. Murray, though, has already announced that a fix is imminent, just hours after it was reported.

While PC users already have their hands on the latest No Man’s Sky hotfix, Murray promises that Xbox One and PS4 users won’t have long to wait until everything is sorted out on their end.

While you wait and twiddle your thumbs as the certification teams do their thang, be sure to check out the full list of No Man’s Sky Next update patch notes so you can plan your next voyage among the stars. Remember: The universe is your oyster (as long as you backup your saves).